How to Start

We make it easy to begin your journeys with the Chuckanut Flying Club. At the beginning you take an introductory flight with one of our friendly club instructors. They are members, and whether this is your first time behind the controls or you are a high time airline or corporate pilot, they will introduce you to the club’s aircraft and protocols. Alternatively, you may wish to take an introductory flight with one of our non-CFI members, and though they will acquaint you with the area and protocols, only the club CFIs will be able to offer you a chance to fly the plane yourself.

You don’t have to be a member of the club to take an introductory flight. Our members are all knowledgeable about pilots and their needs. We will introduce you to the aircraft, the costs, and procedures both for joining the club and afterwards.

To schedule an Introductory Flight contact:

San Juan Islands, Washington State

San Juan Islands, Washington State


A Pilot Never Stops Learning

The first flight will generally take about two hours, with one hour of actual flying time (generally out over the Salish Sea and San Juan Islands) and another one hour of pre- and post-flight briefing. At that time you will be given a short one page form that will cover both membership and aircraft scheduling. All of this, of course, is weather permitting, so it is important to be flexible in your scheduling.

In advance or afterwards, please feel free to contact our Membership Officer via email or by phone to facilitate your membership registration, learn about the club, and schedule your first flight with our club CFIs if you are already a pilot or are interested in joining. While we do offer initial flight training, beginners should be aware of the costs of membership and aircraft flight time with the club; for both ground school and initial flight training outside of the club, we would recommend contacting Command Aviation or Bellingham Aero Services.

You are also welcome to print off the Membership Application on line, complete it, and post/email it to the Board. With all applications you will need photocopies, or scans, of picture identification (usually a driver’s license or a passport) as well as a current address, email, and phone number.

Mail the completed form to:

Membership Applications
Chuckanut Flying Club
P.O. Box 1071
Bellingham, WA 98227-1071

Or email to: