Are you an experienced pilot, a new pilot, or looking to learn to fly? The Chuckanut Flying Club serves all levels of experience. Our member pilots enjoy well-equipped, IFR-certified aircraft. Their flying skills are supported by highly experienced instructors.

We make it easy to begin your journeys with the Chuckanut Flying Club. Our club instructors are members, and whether this is your first time behind the controls or you are a high-time airline or corporate pilot, they will introduce you to the club’s aircraft and protocols. New pilots can train with our instructors to pursue an Federal Aviation Administration Private Pilot Certificate.

A Pilot Never Stops Learning

Experienced pilots can enjoy aircraft with modern avionics well-suited for VFR or Instrument Flying. If you are looking to refresh or build your skill as a pilot, club instructors offer Rusty Pilot, Flight Review, endorsement, and instrument training. Advance your flying journey with a high-power endorsement for our 182, or pursue an IFR rating to expand your flying seasons.

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