Our Members – Flying is What Unites Us
On behalf of our members, thank you for considering membership in our flying club!

Chuckanut’s members make up a wide variety of individuals with diverse backgrounds and flying histories. Our members include businesspeople, students, airline pilots, school teachers, mechanics, engineers and many other fields. The camaraderie and value of club membership is second only to the joy of flight. This passion unites us all.

Why a Flying Club
There are many reasons why a membership with the Chuckanut Flying Club makes sense for so many people. Whether you’re just starting out as a student pilot, or you have many hours and stories to tell, we’ve found these benefits apply to all:

Shared, All Inclusive Costs: Your minimum monthly exposure is for club dues ($120). Worst case scenario, if you don’t fly for a month, you owe just the dues. If you owned an aircraft, you would still be paying the $600-$2500 and up every month to own a piston engine single. Not to mention the fiscal impact on personal or business finances of tying up cash and equity in a big ticket asset that (like most fun things) continues to need care, feeding and attention.

Well Maintained, Well Equipped, Clean, Hangared, Safe Aircraft: The Club has both an overall Safety Officer, who concentrates on maintaining our pilots’ proficiency and safety, and both aircraft have a a dedicated Maintenance Officer who, in conjunction with carefully screened aircraft service centers, maintain our aircraft to commercial standards. We’re not required to do this, but we’ve found it to be beneficial in the long run.

Ease of Scheduling and Consistency of Aircraft: The club’s aircraft are scheduled online via Schedule Master, an internet-based scheduling system, and it’s easy to access and use, even from your smart phone.

Our Board

  • Matt Mullett, President
  • Mary Lotfi, Secretary
  • Bert VanBoer, Safety Officer
  • Bryant Paulsen, Maintenance Officer
  • James Walsh, Treasurer
  • Sean Jones, Membership Officer

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Please read our By-Laws and Policies and Procedures Handbook and Onboarding Checklist

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